Where to Rent a Room for Training Meetings?

So, you decided that team training is necessary for the advancement of your group. Finding a meeting rooms London may be difficult sometimes, but there are some agencies that may help you in making your decision as well as booking the conference venues London so you are focused 100% on your programme of certain training as well as the topics you want to talk about and what to focus. The whole thing of you thinking about all the possible problems that can eventually get in the way is ridiculous. We present you some of the services for getting meeting room hire London.


Training Room Hire

The first website that you might consider when you are looking for places that offer renting rooms for the purpose of training meetings is the Training Room Hire. This website offers perfect space and rooms for the passionate IT teams that are in a hurry and need quick meeting room hire London so they can focus on their project fully. As mentioned on this site, their customers are satisfied and that just does not come on its own.

The pricing, location and everything they offer is decent and you definitely get your value for money. Their adaptation for different bookings goes on a whole another level as they do not take any money if you decide to cancel your event. However, they give you a chance of choosing another date available in a current year, so your planned team training does come out as a reality in the end.

As this is one IT training room, they offer some nice equipment which you can use. All computers are equipped with Intel Core i3, 3.4 GHz processor, 4 GB of RAM, Intel 3100 Graphics Media Accelerator and a choice of monitors (televisions) of different sizes. If you are a fan of Apple, they offer MacBook 6.1, however, if you prefer Windows, you can get a Lenovo T400 both with the specifications mentioned above. You can choose between rooms with computers and conference venues London without computers. There are 7, 9, 13, 17, 21, and 26 Computers/PCs in a room, so you have a big choice.

However, if you decide to go and hire meeting rooms London, you can choose between Classrooms with the capacity of 10, 16 or 20 places, Boardrooms with the capacity of 8, 15 or 20 places, or even U-shaped rooms with the capacity of 8, 16 or 24 seating places. Prices go from 555 British Pounds for a Computer room and 312.50 British Pounds for a conference room. It gets even better – you can hire delegates, tech support as well as special PC instructor. There is also catering available with the choices of choosing mixed sandwiches, coffee, pub lunch, pastries, fruits or biscuits.

Peer Space


If you want to go even further, there is a site called Peerspace which does meeting room hire London for many locations, including London. It works on a very simple principle – you choose your city, browse what kind of rooms do you like, contact the person in command of those rooms and final step is to pay and enjoy your reservation. This website usually charges by an hour, and you have a huge variety of places you can choose from. Literally, hundreds and hundreds of rooms you can possibly rent for your training meeting. Some of the most popular will be listed below.

First one is the room intended for holding exhibitions, workshops, presentations, and performances. It is located in Soho, London and the price is 200 British Pounds, with two hours required for booking. It is usually called Large Open Space because it really is one, with the capacity of having up to 240 people it is one large-scaled room.

The second one is also located in Soho, but this one is a bit smaller – 200 people can be put into this room and the price is the same as the previous one. However, this room has a large grand piano inside of it. Good acoustics and availability of a PA system are what makes this room the best for organizing smaller music events, classical concerts etc.

The third one is for those on budget – 100 British Pounds for a room in Bloomsbury, London which takes up to 40 persons is not that much. Among all the conference venues London, this one caught our eye because it is really user-friendly, with the home atmosphere inside of it and just 5 minutes walk away from Holborn and Russel Square.

Every service offers some kind of meeting (training) rooms that might fit your needs. Exploring the internet and contacting the persons that are in charge of the booking might get you a different price if you state your intentions clearly and without hesitation. Feel free to surf the internet and find the best meeting room London for you.